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Stonder Aerosol Clear 600ml

Clear spray

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Spray Can Size

Glossy finish for spray paints on acrylic or nitro-combi basis, such as Wheel, Neon and other non-metallic car paint sprays. Adds gloss and protection to all Rallye paintings.

Quality and properties:
● High-grade acrylic quality
● Excellent adhesion
● Good flow, smooth surface
● Excellent gloss stability
● Hard surface, good elasticity
● Quick-drying
● Light-proof, UV-proof (non-yellowing)
● Resistant to weathering, dirt-repellent
● Scratch, shock and impact resistant
● After curing resistant to water, diluted acids and bases
● Limited fuel-resistant

Stonder Aerosol Clear 600mlStonder Aerosol Clear 600ml
4.50 incl. VAT